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Science Clubs have been bringing science to life for a many elementary and secondary school children, teachers, and parents for generations. Science Clubs fuel the wonder and joy of learning, through school assemblies, parent and teacher workshops, television, video, and print. Science Clubs have also designed programs for museums, agencies, and educational organizations.

David Suzuki Foundation - Thanks to the David Suzuki Foundation's Connecting With Nature educational resource guide, children across Canada will soon be doing these and many other inspiring activities. It's all part of our plan to get kids outside exploring their connections to nature! David SUzuki Fundation 
Solutions are in our Nature

Connecting With Nature education guide

- an educational guide for grades four to six.

This resource is filled with fun activities that get kids outside to explore issues like biodiversity, where our food comes from and how to conserve energy.


Year of science - The University of British Columbia Math and Science Club

Year of Science BC

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Interested in meeting other science or math lovers? Join or form a club to connect with other young people who have an insatiable curiosity about the world around them. Even Galileo belonged to a science club!


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