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Junior Explorers | Ages 3-6
Continue learning over the Spring Break in a fun and engaging learning environment. With our team of innovative early childhood instructors, we have created a camp that follows our belief in teaching KEY’s 6 Cs while engaging in a variety of activities to help inspire your child. In addition to our proprietary KEY Early Years learning curriculum, which helps students build strong academic and social-emotional foundations, the Junior Explorers program adds different daily themes including: Basic Building Skills, Creative Expressions, Science Exploration, Discovering Nature, and Young Global Citizens.

Creative Coders | Ages 4-6
Fluency in technology and innovative thinking will be essential for the leaders of tomorrow to think across disciplines, articulate their ideas clearly, and plan strategically to achieve their goals. Join this spring break program to give your children a head start on what they need to succeed in the future. Technology aids such as Osmo, iPads, and Ozobots are integrated into the class curriculum, which will promote critical thinking and collaborative learning using these fun and innovative tools.

Is your child applying to a selective private school this year? Are you worried about how competitive it is? Do you know how to prepare your child for the admissions assessment?

Our team of dedicated educators will help prepare your pre-school aged child for the assessment process, which can cause anxiety for both parents and students. By helping your child gain familiarity with their surroundings as well as some of the activities that he or she will be required to do, your child will gain confidence in the process. Through specific exercises, students will improve their academic readiness, conversational skills, socialemotional skills, proper classroom etiquette, and an awareness of KEY’s 6 Cs. After the class, parents will be provided with a report of their child’s progress.


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