HOUSE RULES - Create a Set of House Rules for Your Kids

Create a Set of House Rules for Your Kids

Setting "House Rules" with your children is a great way to communicate your expectations and be consistent in your parenting. This can be especially helpful if your rules at home are different from the rules that apply at day care or when your children are visiting their other parent's house.What are "House Rules?" They are the rules that apply at all times, regardless of where you are or what you are doing.

Guidelines For Developing House Rules:

*Keep Your House Rules Simple *Limit Your List of House Rules to 3-5 Items *Use Positive Language *Let Your Kids Participate in Writing the House Rules *Refer to Your House Rules Often

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House rules
Young children often act up if they don’t realize where the lines are drawn. It’s up to you to set those boundaries – and they’ll make your kids feel more secure as well as helping them behave better…

Working out your house rules…
Putting some house rules in place for your kids is key to making family life way more relaxing – at last they’ll know exactly what’s expected of them… and you won’t have to sit through a chorus of “that’s not fair!’ or ‘Dad lets us do it’! Your house rules can be pretty general, such as ‘no shouting’ or ‘no swearing’. What’s important is that everyone in the house agrees to stick to them, leaving your home to run more smoothly as a result…

5 steps teach you how to making your house rules ...  Read More

KIDS (Rules & Consequences) - by Wayne L. Misner

KIDS (Rules & Consequences)- by Wayne L. Misner, author of Men Don’t Listen

I'm amazed at the parental discipline traps so many of my parents fall into. These traps include yelling and punishing children, giving into the kids out of guilt or for peace, and unpredictable, arbitrary discipline according to parental mood. Common stuff, but, Yikes! What's a kid to do?

Whatever happened to giving kids choices and letting them choose their consequences? (Think: free will for kids. )

Wayne Misner, the author of Men Don't Listen has sent a contribution addressing this topic. Good stuff applying sound behavioral principles ... Read More

House Rules For Kids - By Darryl Mobley
House Rules For Kids
- By Darryl Mobley

1. No talking when Mom or Dad are speaking.
2. Fix your problems with your sibling(s) or I will fix them (and you may not like my fix).
3. Tell your mother that you love her meals, every time she makes you a meal. 4. If we pick you up late from a sports practice or club meeting - - - deal with it and don't have an attitude when you get in the car. Be happy you have "parent limo service" that you don't pay for.
5. Do not speak so loudly that Dad can't hear his conversation with Mom.
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