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English as a Second Language - ESL"British Columbia is a diverse society; people from all parts of the globe contribute to the social, cultural and linguistic fabric of our Province. This diversity is mirrored in our schools' population, both in the contributions made and in the unique needs which must be met in order to achieve the purpose of the education system." (ESL Policy Framework, Ministry of Education)

Research shows that, on average, students take from five to seven years to approach grade norms on standardized tests in English verbal-academic skills (Virginia Collier, 1995; Jim Cummins, 1996). It is a complex process because four areas of language skills need to be developed: speaking, listening, reading and writing. In addition, a vast number of cultural references need to be incorporated into a student’s background knowledge in order to become fluent.


Pear Tree Education
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For children new to Canada, it can be a stressful transition to not only learn to speak English, but also keep up with school work!  That’s why Pear Tree is offering many special courses, designed to meet the needs of your child. All of our courses are offered as ESL in Context (with a focus on Canadian course work, to get them up to speed in their regular school), and ESL in Context Plus (with an additional focus on grammar)!


ESL Courses in Coquitlam BC Sunny Academy Inc.

Sunny Academy is designed to help students improve their academic achievements, cultivating their independent learning skills by creating an active and lively learning environment.  We provide the following services for our students: suitable guardian arrangement; English-speaking homestay arrangement; Visa and study permit applications; college and university application; course planning and so forth.


English4kids SD43 Coquitlam School District

Long-Term and Short-Term Programs
Many programs are available for International Students throughout the school year. Full year programs for 10 months with students integrated into regular Canadian.


Practical English Lessons & Resources for Kids English Lesson Videos, Games, Quizzes and Puzzles, English Phonics Materials KIZ SCHOOL
Practical English Lessons & Resources for Kids.

At Kiz School, we offer the most practical tools and materials for teaching English to Young Learners. These materials will serve school teachers and homeschoolers well as they help kids learn English in a fast and fun way.


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